Brititsh garden birds DVD and book set
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Brititsh garden birds DVD and book set

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Some three million Britons look to the skies every year, at least occasionally, be it from back garden or bird sanctuary. In the UK alone it is possible to see over 400 different species of bird, ranging from the commonest House Sparrow to more exotic visitors. Their plumage, their songs and their flight patterns can lift the spirits, while identification is a source of satisfaction.

The DVD includes some of the best-known and loved British birds, covering identification and behaviour, giving an insight into world of birds and how they live.

The fully illustrated book included in the set, is designed as a field companion to help the birdwatcher get the most from a hobby that means as much to the amateur as it does to the dedicated twitcher. It covers 72 species in detail, plus background information on many more, and will prove a valuable addition to any enthusiast’s library.

DVD duration: 50 min

Book 128 pages

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