Discover Your Family History DVD and Book Set
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Discover Your Family History DVD and Book Set

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The book included in this set is written by genealogy enthusiast Chris Mason, and shows you how to dig deep into the roots of your own family tree using websites and national genealogy societies. Written from a practical viewpoint it features examples of birth and death certificates, census material and real-life histories. This brilliantly researched book is your key to the past and will inspire anyone who wants to know more about their ancestors.

The DVD is perfect for anyone who wants to delve into their genealogy and needs to know precisely how to get started. Beginning with information from an individual’s own relatives it takes the researcher on a journey through the basics of Civil Registration, Census returns, Parish Registers, Local and National Record Offices, the International Genealogical Index and much more. It also provides a tour of the Society of Genealogists own unique London library, filled with more useful and exclusive information on the subject than anywhere else in the world.

DVD duration 50 min

Book 128 pages

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