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Springbok Coaster


  • Springbok Coasters, each coaster is 10cm x 10cm with rounded edges.
  • The illustration and design on the coaster has been made by Oh Hello Shan.
  • The coaster stand is handmade using strip wood and dowels, cutting the strip wood to size, drilling holes and fitting in the dowels.
  • The base of the stand is 12cm long and 9cm wide the dowels are placed so that the Coasters slot in between.
  • Coasters are not dishwasher safe and should be wiped down with a damp cloth to clean.
  • Available in singles, pairs or 4 or 6 please select the number of coaster you would like.
  • When ordering singles and pairs, please note that the coaster stand is not included.
  • Coasters are made with a thick melamine type layer which is then bonded to a dark wood backing.
  • Each coaster set is wrapped up carefully to ensure safe arrival at its destination. 

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