Why can I only order two bags?

We need to manage our stock well so that everything you donate is sold in store or online. Sticking to two bags per person helps keep things moving and stops our warehouse getting too full. However, you do have the possibility to send out other bags if needed - information on this process is given on the leaflet sent to you.

What items do we accept via post?

We accept good quality and freshly cleaned:

    • Clothes
    • Handbags
    • Jewellery
    • Hats, gloves and scarves

    What items do we NOT accept?

    It costs us money to process things that we can't sell in our shops. Please do not send us:

      • Stained, damaged or dirty items
      • Worn socks or underwear
      • School uniforms
      • Shoes or boots
      • Non-clothing items 

      How do I send my bag(s) back?

      Click on the link in your order confirmation email and follow the instructions on the form. Once you submit the form we'll email you your labels or barcodes.
      • If you've asked for labels: you should print them and stick them to your bags.
      • If you've asked for barcodes: you should save them to your phone.
      Then simply take your bag(s) to your nearest Collect + location. If you have barcodes, show them to the shop assistant - they will print a label for you.
      Important: you need a unique return label or barcode for each bag you want to send back. 

      My label has expired - what do I do now?

      No worries - simply generate another label or barcode by clicking on the link in your confirmation email and follow the instructions.

      Note: labels and barcodes expire after 28 days from the day you receive them by email.

      How heavy can a returned bag be? 

      Each bag can weigh up to 10 kilos. 

      What are your bags made of?

      Our bags are made from bio-resin. They are 100% compostable in a household compost bin. 

      Where do my bags go to? 

      All of our postal donation bags are usually sent to the British Red Cross retail warehouse. At the warehouse we sort our donations and decide where to sell them. However, they may also get sent to one of our shops currently in need of stock - which is why we ask you to only order a label once your bag is ready to go, so the donations go to the best place.

      Where are my clothes sold? 

      Most other donations are sent out to British Red Cross shops. A few items are sold in our ASOS and eBay stores.