Kindness wall

These messages of support and solidarity were left by people who bought one of our greetings cards or e-cards. Whether you want to show your support for refugees arriving into the UK, someone coming home from hospital alone or a family affected by flooding - a little kindness goes a long way.

I stand in solidarity with refugees and people seeking asylum. You deserve to be supported, treated with kindness, respect and equity. Merry Christmas!

Welcome to our country. I hope this message of friendship demonstrates the warmth with which you are received and with which we should all receive each other. Times are difficult at the moment but with kindness and positivity we will all come through together, and enjoy a brighter future.

I hope this small gift helps to bring you some comfort and I wish you all the very best as you strive to make a better life.

Thinking of you all.

I hope this little box is part of a really happy Christmas for you.

I am always thinking of the struggles you maybe dealing with, hoping this box will bring comfort to you and your loved ones.

I hope that this gift will help in some way to let refugees know that they are not alone and that we are thinking of them during these very tough times.

You are welcome here.

Welcome to the UK - we are happy you are here. Better days will come

I hope you stay safe and well over the festive period and this donation helps towards that.

I know this Christmas will be tough for you and those around you, but I hope this box goes some way to help you and even bring a smile to your face. I am lucky to be able to support a great cause like this and will think of you over Christmas and ensure I don't take my situation for granted. I hope you get all the opportunities you deserve to be able to have a happier future.

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Get the gift of knowing you’ve helped someone through a personal emergency this winter. Even if you can’t be there, you have the power to help. Your gift could help someone who is self-isolating with essentials like medication or help a refugee with a new school uniform.

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