Leaps & Grounds coffee - great coffee that does great things!

Big News: Leaps & Grounds is now available all over the UK. We’ve launched our coffee on the British Red Cross online giftshop. Which means you can brew yourself a delicious Leaps & Grounds x Caravan coffee from the comfort of your own home.

Leaps & Grounds is the British Red Cross’ newest social enterprise. We sell speciality coffee and through this, support women who’ve experienced forced displacement into work. Employment is key to wellbeing, independence, integration and socialisation; we found that women who’ve experienced forced displacement face some of the biggest barriers to entering employment in the UK.

So to help address this, we launched Leaps & Grounds. We train, mentor and employ women who’ve experienced forced displacement to support them to build their dream careers.  All the money we make from coffee sales goes straight back into funding our programme.

We launched on the online shop as we want people across the UK, who care about good coffee that has a good cause, to be able to enjoy our products and support our purpose. With the support of Caravan, our wonderful speciality coffee partner, we are now selling two roasts of coffee online. (Note: If you’re a fan of your daily coffee at our Moorgate site, you’ll have been enjoying the Market Blend.) Grab a bag of coffee beans or ground coffee, and help Leaps & Grounds keep supporting women who’ve experienced forced displacement to build their lives in the UK.


How to make coffee at home? 

How you make coffee at home depends on the kind of coffee you like! Each of the delicious Leaps & Grounds x Caravan coffee blends you see on our online shop include a perfect serve recipe in the description, to help you recreate the magic of a Leaps & Grounds home.  

There are loads of ways to make great coffee at home. You can make espresso using a percolator, which sits on top of your gas hob and uses steam to brew your coffee. Another classic and easy to use piece of at home coffee kit is the cafetiere, otherwise known as a French press.  

You can also use an Aeropress, which is portable, affordable and is great at brewing consistently delicious coffee. Our Associate Coffee Partner, the wonderful Caravan Coffee Roasters, have a handy Aeorpress brew guide here 

Pour-over is also an incredibly popular, and accessible way of making great coffee at home. Equipment such as the classic Chemex, and newer ceramic drip coffee kit, are reasonably priced and easy to maintain.  

All of these methods make delicious black coffee. If you take your coffee with milk, you can get at home milk steamers, or opt for ice coffee.  

What types of coffee can you make at home?  

Here is a helpful guide to the most popular types of coffee, and how to make them At Leaps & Grounds we make everything from an Americano – a simple espresso with hot water, to a Mocha – a cross between a hot chocolate and a latte.   

How to make iced coffee?  

Iced coffee does not require a milk steamer, so is a great at home coffee option. You simply pour an espresso over a cup filled 3/4 of the way up with cold milk, add some ice, and stir.  

What is an americano? 

An Americano is a black coffee, made from an espresso and some hot water. You can adjust how much water you include depending on how strong you like your coffee.  

In our opinion, both the No Boundaries and Market Blend roasts make a perfect americano. Caravan’s coffee is so delicious we love enjoying it without milk or sugar.  

What is pre-ground coffee? 

To make a coffee it needs to be ground, whether you’re using a cafetiere, espresso machine, or anything in between. To grind your own coffee, like we do on the Leaps & Grounds coffee pods, you need an extra piece of equipment: a coffee grinder. So buying pre-ground coffee allows you to skip a stage when you’re making coffee at home, and enables you to make a delicious coffee with less kit.  

Are coffee grounds good for plants? 

Used coffee grounds are a great fertilizer, as they’re rich in nutrients. Once you’ve made your coffee, you can reduce waste by sprinkling the used grounds over your garden or flower boxes, and then mixing the grounds into the soil.